Now You Can Join a Panel of Beauty Testers

Do you read magazines and wish you could be the beauty editor who gets to try all of the new products on the market? They get paid to try out make-up and other beauty products, and tell readers what they think, and you just know you could do that. Do you wish you were allowed to peruse the make-up counters at department stores and try out every new season’s items, without getting strange looks from the counter staff?

Tester-Beauty TesterIf that sounds like the most ideal situation for you, then you might want to look into joining the ranks of beauty testers. That’s right – there are people out there just like you who get to live the life of a beauty editor, without getting dirty looks from counter staff, and from the comfort of their own homes!

What are Beauty Testers?

Beauty testers get to have the first grab of the latest beauty and aesthetic trends found in the UK. Product companies select testers to try out their products and provide the latest beauty product reviews, for a price. That’s right – not only do beauty testers get to be the first on their block to try the latest in beauty and makeup, they get paid for the time they take to review the products they are gifted.

What Can Beauty Testers Test?

From skin care products and beauty products to perfumes and nail polishes, beauty testers get a wide assortment from the best beauty products the UK has to offer. Take advantage of the opportunity to try out the latest beauty products from the top brands. Your hobby can make you the beauty guru of your social circle!

Asian woman shopping in the store cosmetics

Become a Beauty Power Player!

And how exciting to be able to stay so in the know on the latest make-up colors, style and perfume scents! Be able to tell your friends that the latest coral lipstick shade was lacking in staying power, but thanks to your suggestions the company is now making revisions to their ingredients list. You can truly make change happen and become a player in the beauty game by joining the ranks of beauty testers. Plus you get to keep all the products you trial!

If you want a hobby that can keep you in the latest and greatest beauty products on the market, becoming one of the lucky beauty testers is the answer. Indulge your passion for makeup and get paid to have fun with the latest beauty products out there, or you can try and win a competition.